Meet the Maker- Bec from Milk+Bean

name: Bec Naylor

age (if willing to share!): 26

occupation: barista, bar attendant Front of house

what do you like to do in your spare time? I don't usually get much spare time theses days but when I do I love cooking and trying out new recipes and also taking time out to relax with family and friends

name of business: milk+bean

what do you sell? Espresso coffees, organic 'king' hot chocolate and T2 teas also yummy homemade sweet treats

why did you start your business? Always wanted to own my own cafe/ coffee business so this is just a stepping stone for something bigger down the track and when the opportunity came up to buy it off my friend Gemma I jumped at it. 

 what is your favourite thing about having a small business? I love the flexibility and being able to still have fun whilst working. Also while keeping the business small I can make sure I keep supporting small local businesses.

what is your least favourite thing about owning a business? The book work! But in saying that having a small business there isn't too much until tax time which is good.

what inspires you to create your stuff? I just love the smile coffee puts on all my customers faces, if it helps them get through the day I've done my job :) also I just really enjoy making coffees and learning all aspects of the coffee making process from where the beans come from to how they are roasted to how it pours.

where do you see your business in 5 years? I hope to see milk+bean expand slightly or even have a permanent spot somewhere in the future.

tell us one random fact about yourself: I hate the cold weather I think I'm a reptile I'm always so cold, so when you see me at the markets or events in winter I will look like I've put on 5 kgs but it's just the 5 layers of clothing! 

You don't want to miss out on an amazing treat from Milk+Bean at the next Little Me Market!

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